Career As a Canva Graphic Designer – Is It a High-Paid Job?

Marketing has become a very demanding skill set in this Digital world. All the companies are relying on better creatives when it comes to their branding & Promotion. As the digital industry is growing, demand for graphic Designers and Freelancers have also been increased. 

 As a matter of fact, In 2018, this industry was around $153 billion globally which has reached to $249.5 in 2022 and further growth of around 13% per year expected. It is encouraging Employment with endless opportunities for those who want a career in Graphic Designing..!


Canva is the easiest way for your start as Graphic Designer. Canva is available in mobile & desktop both the versions and Millions of Free templates are available in Canva as per various social media platform’s template requirements. The Best part is, anyone can easily start their career as Graphic Designer at no cost..! All you need to have is knowledge on how to use this tool effectively and obviously you need to have little creativity also..! 

Canva Courses are available in the market from different platforms to take care of your knowledge required for effectively using Canva Application. If you are looking to learn Canva Pro, then you may explore platforms like ONVID, which gives you the Basic to advance Canva Course along with Canva Premium access. You not only get Pre-recorded course but also you get enrolled in LIVE online batches too.


Let’s first, learn why you need to be proficient in Canva. Canva is one of the rare tools that give you the freedom to create almost everything for FREE…! You can create Posters for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Thumbnails, Brochures, Flyers, Resume, Letterhead, Logo, T-Shirt & Mug design, Banners, Invitation, Business Cards, Presentation, MP4 Videos and what not!! In fact you can also design and create Website for your customers with no cost from your Pocket. Isn’t it that amazing!!! 

Some other benefits using CANVA are: 

1. Its FREE.! 

2. CANVA gives to Pro features also to pick ready to use premium designs 

3. CANVA for Teams allows you to create a Team of designers who can work in parallel on a same creative. 

4. You can also share your design with your customer with Canva ad ask them to share their review comments with changes, if any.

Now consider other tools for a second, all above creatives cannot be made using just a single tool. Means, you need to invest lots of money & time learning all the tools for different things and most importantly those applications may not be FREE to use applications. Try ONVID’s CANVA PRO – Basic to Advance course to learn Canva.


Lets also take a look who earns better when it comes to normal graphic designer vs. Canva Graphic Designer. 

Graphic Designer earn between 3.3 lacs to 8 lacs annually basis upon their experience and creativity, while Canva Graphic Designer in particular, salary is much better that normal Graphic Designer. Average annual Salary in India for Canva Graphic Designer is 5.5 lacs. 

However, as a Freelancer there is no limit. Digital explode also produced a lot of entrepreneurs to work digitally and small Business owners to bring their business online. Everyone needs branding and better creative to promote their product or services to generate more revenue. This serves you an opportunity to fulfill their requirement and very easily you can grab more clients for your freelancing work as Canva Graphic Designer.


As a Canva Graphic Designer you can apply in various sectors like:

  • Media Sector for Magazines, Newspapers 
  • Advertising Agencies 
  • Publishing House 
  • Print and Electronic Media 
  • Fashion Industry 
  • Corporate Sector 
  • Show Business, Cinema 
  • Architecture companies 
  • Jewellery Sector

Key job roles:

  • Creative Director/Manager 
  • Logo Designer 
  • Website Designer 
  • Marketing Executive, manager 
  • Banner, Poster, Flyer Designer 
  • Video Editor 
  • Product Designer Animator

At the last, you can get your dream job and earn great income, if you are really creative, passionate and eager to earn new things. Learning Canva with proper guidance & practice can give you great return and success.

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