Salesforce – an Exciting IT career Options with PayScale?

If you are thinking to make your career in IT industry, then Salesforce can give you the exciting career journey. Another reason for you to get excited is that there is a huge demand of Salesforce professionals in the market. The job opportunities are much more as compare to the supply of Salesforce trained people. Salesforce is capturing the CRM market at rapid pace because of the business solution it has. The annual growth of the Salesforce platform is expected to grow 65%..! 

So, is it easy to learn? Does it requires to understand the coding or not? Let’s find out some interesting facts and Figures about it..! But first let’s go through some basics of it.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the top SaaS (Software As A Service) based cloud computing companies and it is renowned to produce the Best CRM (Customer Relationship Management). A CRM platform coordinates with the other departments and gives the details in a single view of the customer. The best feature is that, it is also fully customizable that makes this number one choice of the organizations. This helps them to cater the needs of their customer as per their specific environment and they can customize it as per their requirements. Well, that’s interesting!. 

Can we get some more specific data points about Salesforce?

Facts & Figures

  • As per IDC, there are 4.2 million jobs being created in the Salesforce between 2019 and 2024 
  • More than 2,00,000 Companies have switched to Salesforce. · According to IDC, Salesforce platform is the number one CRM system. 
  • Market Share of Salesforce is 19.7% which is the highest among all CRM based platforms. 
  • There are 47% growth in salesforce jobs as compare to the last year.

Can anyone become Salesforce Professional?

First things first, good news is that there is no coding or programming knowledge is required to become a Salesforce professional. There are various options available within Salesforce.


If you are non-technical, means you do not have any coding knowledge then you can go for Salesforce Administration job. Salesforce Administrator is the one who manages the Workflow of the platform including optimization of it, managing access, coordination with Salesforce Sales team to understand the customer requirement, Collaboration with Salesforce Developers during deployments and Testing, Configuring the platform, Maintaining data etc. 

All you need to be good in understand the Salesforce Ecosystem as per the customer and manage it per requirement. If you are willing to learn, then you must consider the Salesforce Training for Administration job. A degree from University or college is not mandatory, so you can go for any open source system to get the training. There are platforms providing Salesforce Administration like Udemy, ONVID etc. Salary? Check out the sections below to get an rough idea..!


If you are really good at coding and want to switch to Salesforce then you must consider it seriously. Salesforce Developer is higly demanding job and having a good programming Language knowledge can help you to switch to Salesforce Developer. Which Programming Language..? Yes, it could be any programming Language like HTML, SQL , Python, Java, PHP etc. If you are already working on any programming Language then you must seriously think about Salesforce. 

As we have already seen the growth and potential of Salesforce platforms in above section, there is no point not to consider career here. Low supply of Salesforce developer, means there is no competition for the job. But again, Salesforce Training is required before you plan for it. You can consider Salesforce Apex or Salesforce LWC. However, you need strong coding aptitude and passionate about it. For Salesforce Apex, there is one of the finest, practical and Simplified course available on ONVID with great feedback of Salesforce Apex aspirants.

Some other Salesforce positions in the market are as below:

· Salesforce Cloud Specialist 

· Salesforce Technical Architect/Consultant 

· Salesforce Quality Assurance 

· Salesforce Analysts 

· Salesforce Support Engineer

Pay Scale

Here we came to the very interesting and curious part. Honestly speaking, Salesforce is one of the highest paid IT jobs. More you get involved into it, you start developing your capabilities and experience and your compensation as well..! 

In short, Salesforce administrator with 3 to 5 years of experience can get 7 to 10 lacs annually while the Salesforce Developer with same experience will easily get 10 to 15 lacs annually. As you grow with experience and touch 5+ years of experience, you can get offer from 8 to 27.5 lacs also. 

Consider your long term career considering the High Demand of Professionals, High Paid jobs and Flexible working hours, it is already been talked around the corner among professionals and its time for you to get ready to fly high..!

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