Cyber Security
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Cyber Security

Instructor: Abhinaw Mishra

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Cyber Security is today's most demanding requirement of the digital world. While we are exposing to Digital world at fast pace, there are people who are aiming at your unsecure data at the same time and planning how can they utilize your data and put you in huge risk in terms of financial & Social losses.

In this 100+ minutes long course, Our faculty Mr. Abhinaw Mishra has nailed down all important aspect of Cyber Security and how can you be safe and secure with this booming threat. Pre-hand Awareness is the only thing which can keep you safe..!

Let's enroll in this course now and get the most updated information on it.

Below Topics are covered in this Cyber Security Course in four parts:

What is Cyber Security    
Classification of Cyber Crime    
Prominent Reasons    
Malware and It’s types - Adware, Spyware,Browser Hijacking Software    
Malware and Its Types - Virus, Trojan Horse, Worms, Ransomware, Scareware    
Kinds of Cyber Crime - Cyber Stalking, Child Pornography etc    
Computer Hacking    
Types of Hackers    
Web Jacking    
How to Protect    
Golden Rule for Cyber Security    
Counter Cyber Security Initiatives In India    
Advantages of Cyber Security

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