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Video Marketing Expert

Instructor: Mr. Dipayan Saha

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹5999 83% OFF

₹999 including 18% GST

Video Marketing Expert is a key Skill set for the people who want to become a Digital Entrepreneur to promote their businesses. Video is the most powerful engagement tool to engage your prospects and customers. However, many novice entrepreneurs fail because they are not aware of this powersful skill. Onvid wants to you to become a SUCCESSFUL, and hence you must need this course.

Video Marketing Simplified in this course by Digital Coach and Video Marketer Mr. Dipayan Saha, who has trained hundreds of people already.

Its time to learn this skill to Monetize. We have covered below pointers in this course:

1. What is Video Marketing?
2. Why Video is most Powerful Content?
3. Which are the Best Platform for your Videos?
4. Types of Videos
5. How to Overcome your Camera Fear?
6. How to make your First Video?
7. How to Find your Niche?
8. How to Create High Converting Videos?
9. How to find right topic?
10. Right Structure of a Professional Video?
11. Right Way of Script Writing
12. Things to keep in mind while Writing a Script?
13. Why do you need a Solid Script Writing?
14. Future of Video Marketing?
15. 10-Biggest Mistakes People Do?

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